5 Lavish Celebrity Properties You Can Own Right Now

Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyle and it is not surprising that their residences likewise speak volumes about their status. Although it might be challenging to become a renowned Hollywood star, leading a lifestyle similar to them will be quite gratifying. At present, many celebrities are considering selling their real estate properties, and in this article, we will mention the 5 best celebrity homes on the market today.

1. The $9.5 Hollywood Hills Mansion of Katy Perry

This renowned pop singer attempted to sell her Hollywood Hills home worth $15 million recently, although it was not successful. Right now, she has listed another property for sale having a $9.45 million price tag. This property, which is surrounded by green landscapes provides a serene atmosphere with the hectic life of Hollywood in the background. Among the important features of this mansion, the most prominent ones are 6 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. Apart from this, it also includes a spa, a fitness center, as well as more than 2 acres of garden.

2. The $12 million Bel Air estate of Serena Williams

Despite the fact that most individuals like to increase their property, the reputed tennis icon Serena Williams has decided against it. After purchasing a luxurious $6.7 million 5-bedroom mansion in Hollywood, she has listed her old property for sale. This mansion, which features seven toilets and six bedrooms, is situated close to the posh city life. However, it also provides a tranquil atmosphere to anyone residing there, thanks to the 2.7 acres of land surrounding the real estate.

3. The $11 million Emerald Bay beach house of Warren Buffett

Over the years, Warren Buffett is reputed for wisely investing in property. This California beach residence was purchased by him for only $ 1.5 lakh in 1971. However, he is looking to sell it at a price which is almost 70 times more than the original amount. Moreover, the area where the house is located has developed incredibly in the recent years, and many celebrities are residing there at present. Although we know Buffet to be a modest person, this property is quite extravagant. With 7 toilets and 6 bedrooms, this mansion is quite spacious and can accommodate an entire family in the best possible way.

4. The $8.5 million Downtown Los Angeles mansion of Harry Style

This famous Hollywood actor has listed his modern Los Angeles mansion for sale. After some upgrades and renovations, the property’s value climbed significantly and became $8.5 million eventually. You will get a lavish 3-bedroom bachelor pad, fitness center, swimming pool, and a home theatre at that price. However, one downside of this property is that it appears to be a bit compact as compared to the other ones mentioned in this list. Nevertheless, it is different once you enter the mansion. Tall trees surround this property which helps to maintain your privacy. You can likewise experience the amazing lights of Sunset Strip by reaching the towering balconies present in the building.

5. The $6 million Hidden Hills house of Denise Richard

This picturesque real estate property is owned by Denise Richard, the famous Hollywood actress. Being surrounded by trees and lawns, this house is ideal for any person who likes to lead a serene lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. In spite of all these features, the actress has decided to list this property for sale. 8 toilets, 6 bedrooms, a spacious workplace, and a pub are the main highlights of this real estate property which is situated near the residences of other celebrities including Drake and the Kardashians.