What are some furniture places that are better quality than IKEA but still affordable?

Obviously IKEA offers us a lot of possibilities and really good furniture to chose, however sometimes we are looking after something else and maybe IKEA will not be offering what we are looking for.

Having a few extra options could be really good, and also sometimes will be even more cheaper to buy in different stores than IKEA. Keep reading to find the closest one to you!


This is perfect place for those who doesn’t really like the minimalistic style that rules over nowadays, in this place you will find discounts over 82%! is amazing, and also even without discount, their furniture is really cheap and still looks amazing, a sofa that was made out of really good quality materials was only $280. Also this store has the option to browse and pick the closest location to your home.


This store has the most affordable prices out there, most of his stuff is really cheap, almost unbelievable, however you need to be a little bit careful with this store, is seems that their prices fluctuate by day, so if you are wanting to buy a really big furniture item that could be “inexpensive”, follow it for a bit and then at the first cheaper price you see, purchase it.

Cost plus world market

In this store some of their selected furniture can be actually a little bit more expensive than in IKEA, however the best about it is sales, you can find really cheap items on their sales and also their costumer service is amazing!


could be obvious, however not a lot of people use Etsy to buy furniture, and actually in this place you can find really crazy deals, and more important, this is THE place to find handcrafted products, and obviously that will include furniture.


This is a place that only rules by discounts, so is you are a little bit low on budget this is for sure the best place to start with, actually this could be the archenemy of amazon, some of their items, that are listed in both sites, are actually cheaper on Overstock, so make sure to investigate before purchasing it.

Urban outfitters

This is a really overpriced store, and I don’t really get why, however their furniture actually is not that bad, and they keep the concept that everybody had gone crazy over the last few years, and don’t even get me started on their sales, you can find really good deals on them.


And we can’t close this list without mentioning the favorite when you are too lazy to go out shopping, amazon is a really good place to look after furniture, you can spend hours and hours navigating till you find the perfect match for you, like tinder without the uncomfortable conversation. And if you are looking to buy several items you can getting a really good deal, some sellers make discounts If you purchase several items form their e commerce.

These stores offer you great deals, and also you can find a lot of them closer to you, even more than an IKEA, and for sure their furniture will be a lot more interesting, sales are amazing and you will have the best item ever! Start looking after the perfect one!