6 Fun Things and Training Sessions To Do With Your pet


Pets are our best friends but did you know that they can also make the best workout buddies? Unlike people, pets are always ready to follow you outside the door and will never complain about hills or cancel schedules. In a study by the Michigan State University, it was found that those people who owned canines were were 34% more likely to get the 150 minutes recommended for exercise every week then those who had none. You don’t need a lot of time and effort to provide your pet with enough activity. There are a lot of activities that you can do together to strengthen the bond between you and to stay mentally and physically healthy. Here is a list of 6 fun things and training sessions to do with your pet.


Running is one of the best activities that you can do with your pet. Since pets are creatures of habit, they can greatly help you to accomplish your weekly mileage targets. Once they get used to this routine, they will be the ones waiting for you besides your sneakers. This may prove very encouraging since their excitement can change your attitude even if you were not feeling like training that day. When you have developed a perfect training buddy, you can now even take your companion to events organized for four-pawed runners and their owners.


Kayaking is another great activity that you can engage in with your pet. Go out with your pet on a sit-on-top kayak and first help your boy learn how to get in and out. Once they are good with that, you can take it out for a spin in the shallow waters that are close to the shore. Remember to stick to the slow moving rivers that do not get a lot of traffic.


Have you ever seen your dog doing morning stretches? Well, if you didn’t know it turns out these pets are ancient to this practice. You can help them learn and try a few more poses. As you do this with them, it will also give you the opportunity to do regular health check for example feeling if there are any lumps under their fur.


There are some pets that love soccer games, especially the herding breeds. If you love soccer too, you can go out and buy soccer-style balls which are resistant to sharp teeth. You can start by teaching your boy how to kick and dribble using their paws and nose.

Active fetch

Fetch is another great game that you can play with your canine. You can do it by putting the ball away and then running for it. You can also throw the ball and let your pup run after it as you do some muscle-building moves like lunges and crunches.


If your pet has a lot of energy, biking will be perfect for both of you. It may also help them in case of any behavioral issues which may be due to not getting enough exercise. When your pet gets enough exercise, it will stimulate their brain to produce serotonin, the hormone that make anxious and aggressive pets relax.