Are solar panels worth the price long term?

Solar panels are worth it if you generate enough electricity and if you are also committed to living in the house you get them installed in.

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to generate power for free, which will help to reduce your energy bills significantly, and if we consider the other benefits outside of monetary gains, solar panels also help to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Providing even more long term value.

To shed some light on the long term value of solar panels, let’s consider the fact that an average-sized home with a 4kW solar panel system will spend around $8,000 – $10,000 on their solar system – installation costs included.

With a system like this installed, you can expect to save around $450 on your electric bills annually.

Meaning that you will reach your breaking point around 17-22 years after your initial investment.

So although it takes quite a few years to get back your initial investment, if you’ve just bought your forever home it might be something worth thinking about.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’re going to discuss a little bit more in detail how many solar panels cost as well as how much you could be looking to save on average.

How Much Do Solar Future HK Solar Panels Cost?

As we’ve already mentioned, 4kW solar panels cost around $8,000 – $10,000 to be installed on the roof of your home, though 4kW systems are not recommended for every household.

It could cost you much, much less if you were looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself some $$$ if there are less people living in your home.

If you’re a family of 3, it would be recommended to install a 3kW solar panel system which will cost you around $5,000 – $6,000.

A household of 2 would need a 2kW system which will set you back $3,500 – $4,500.

And if you live alone you will only need a 1kW system, costing about $2,500 – $3,250.

These numbers are based on the average electricity costs for these sizes of homes, but you see what we’re getting at.

To some, this can still seem a little experience no matter the size of the home, but let’s take a look out how much solar panel system used to cost in 2010…

On average, a 4kW solar panel system installation would have cost you around $25,000, in comparison to the $8,000 – $10,000 which you would expect to pay in 2020.

Year on year, solar panels are becoming more affordable, and are definitely an investment worth thinking about if you’re wanting to make the switch to greener energy.

How Much $$$ Could Solar Panels Save You?

Solar energy can save you money on your electric bills, but on average, how much should you expect to be saving?

Well, this depends on the solar system size you have installed, as we’ve mentioned, certain solar panel systems suit certain house sizes.

If you have a 4kW system installed in your family home of 4, you’re going to be saving around $450 annually on your electric bills.

If you have a 3kW solar system fitted on the roof of your home, you could save around $350 annually.

And if you have one of the smaller solar systems fitted, like a 1kW or 2kW system, you could be looking to save just under $200 annually.

Are home prices dropping or staying put during covid and why?

The ongoing corona virus pandemic has negatively impacted on the world economy bringing all commercial transactions almost to a standstill. One of the sectors drastically affected by the pandemic is the real estate sector. The pandemic has led to massive unemployment globally, business failures, extensive and severe wage cuts and also job uncertainties. The net effect is that there has been a drastic drop in disposable income leading to a sharp decline in demand for houses.

Are home prices dropping or staying put during Covid? Well there seems to be and endless debate on this question. Some economies do not expect prices of homes to drop while others expect a massive decline in home purchases. House prices are affected by the following factors: population, unemployment, economic growth, interest rates and the availability of mortgage. What this means is that house purchases is affected by the state of the economy. If the economy is performing exceptionally well, people can be able to engage in meaningful employment and therefore be able to buy houses. It can be argued that the corona virus pandemic has impacted negatively on the employment sector with many people losing their jobs globally.

In the UK, there has been massive decline with price fall standing at 1.7% as at May making it the largest decline in over a decade according to Nationwide house price index. This is due to the government putting much of the economy on hold. The pandemic has already produced stasis in that in some parts of the country, buying and selling of property has all but stopped. In early April Zoopla reported a 40% drop in enquiries. Prices will tend to drop especially due to massive job loss. It should be noted that house prices may fall in the short and medium term.

Are home prices dropping or staying put during Covid? In the US, house prices are still rising. This is so because some forces in the property sector are at work. Many people continue to engage in gainful employment by working from home. The net effect is that many people are now looking for larger homes in the suburbs that have space for a home office. The demand for homes will not be largely affected with people working from home and earning.

According to ENGEL & VOLKERS, the demand for houses has always been higher than the supply. This is because there has been an increase in the number of single people living alone. According to the firm, corona virus pandemic will reduce the house demand. The demand for houses is due to population growth leading to increase in property prices. The firm however, notes that real estate does not lose its attractiveness. Covid 19 will not affect house prices simply because a home is a stable investment even in times of crises.

Are home prices dropping or staying put during covid? In Australia, the house prices are likely to fall for months with a 4.4% fall expected in all the country’s capital cities over the June quarter and 2.3% in September.

House prices are likely to fall in some economies while remain stable in others. This is because of strict lockdown restrictions bringing the economy to its knees. Working from home ensures people involve themselves in meaningful employment hence being able to purchase houses.

4 Underrated Places to Buy a Home or Condo

Whether you are looking to buy a vacation condo or a forever home, there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank but still give you bang for your buck. There are plenty of well-known big cities, that offer many perks such as hot nightlife spots, museums, theme parks and sight-seeing but all of those come at a cost. It is good to know that there are other options available so, let’s take a look at 4 underrated places you can buy, that have everything you need and will leave some money in your pocket. (In no particular order)

First we have-Milwaukee, Wisconsin-With a population of around 595,351, this up-and-coming Midwestern city would be a great option for many people. The average median home cost is around $200,000 which makes it affordable considering you are close enough to enjoy Chicago but far enough to live comfortably. With its old school German roots, outdoor activities and affordability, (don’t forget the beer and cheese!), Milwaukee, Wisconsin makes a great choice.

Next, let’s look at-Vero Beach, Florida- This smaller town has a population of 16,919 (with a county population of around 154,383). Being that it’s nestled on the treasure coast of Florida in between Melbourne and Miami with only being a 2 hour drive to Orlando makes this centrally located small town perfect for buyers. The median home cost is $204,700 but if you’re not looking for average than there are plenty of beach side condos/homes that can fit any budget. Vero Beach has a small town feel with plenty to do with it’s beautiful beaches, downtown shopping and many restaurants to choose from. Raise a family or retire in this quiet community.

Third on the list is-Huntsville, Alabama-One of the most affordable places to live out of some of the more populous metros with a population of 194,585, you can find homes at around $167,300! Huntsville has those old “southern charm” homes that can range from 300k to the millions, so there’s options for everyone. Huntsville offers your typical Alabama lifestyle with its fishing, boating and outdoor activities but did you know about the booming job market? With growing fields in science, tech, aviation and engineering you will have many opportunities to grow your career!Lastly we have Fayetteville, Arkansas- A population of 85,257 and median home price of $177,942 makes this fast growing city a great choice.

Being the host city of the University of Arkansas, its cost of living is low which makes buying a home here a great investment opportunity. With its 70 parks and 40 miles of trails to explore, Fayetteville is a good choice for cheap, laid back living. They don’t call it the “Natural State” for nothing!

You don’t have to be a big city to have big advantages. With modest homes that are 100k all the way to million dollar beach-side mansions, these 4 underrated places offer great and affordable options with plenty of things to do. So, the next time you’re shopping for a home or condo, check these cities out….you may be pleasantly surprised!

Tips For Negotiation For First Time Home Buyers

It is usually confusing for home buyers, especially the first-timers to understand the intricate details and formalities while dealing with real estate agents and homeowners. Careful analysis shows that there are numerous clauses in the agreement that can act in favor of the buyers saving them money and time.

The customers often presume that the realtors do strive to bring down the costs, which is a wrong decision according to professor Zoe Chance of Yale University. The ultimate goal of the real estate agents is to strike the deal irrespective of whether the clients get what they want. Analysts urge the buyers to capitalize on any opportunity that comes up regarding bargain including factors like flexible date of possession, closing costs, etc.

In-depth understanding of Agreements and formalities

Every segment of a clause or a form should be understood by home buyers before making any commitment to a specific property. Many feel shy asking for elaborate explanations from the realtors.

It is to be clearly understood that the realtor is bound to explain every term on forms as it is a part of the job profile. The realtors are rigorously trained before they go out in the field, so it should take a minute for them to help out regarding any misunderstanding or complicated terminology. Though highly talented with good negotiation skills, an agent should be inquired about legal opinions of any sort as they are not lawyers.

Tackling hassles related to closing costs

Usually, the first time home buyers are unaware of closing costs and often end up paying more to acquire the property. Closing cost varies between 2% – 5% of the total transaction depending on the value and the location of the property. This is an area of negotiation as the costs can be paid by either of the parties.

For example, if the seller is restless and wants to leave the property early, the buyer can convince the seller to pay a good chunk of the closing cost. Successful negotiation saves a good amount of money for the buyer which can be invested in revamping the interiors and carry out repairs.

The Importance of Home Warranty and repairs

Experienced realtors insist that the home buyers get at least a year of home warranty for avoiding excessive expenditure.

A homeowner is covered for repairs that include the HVAC, plumbing and other key components by the home warranty thus saving a considerable amount of money for any upgrades suggested by home inspectors.

Currently, there are two types of inspection which are as follows:

● Standard inspection is carried out to detect both major and low-risk problems.

● Specific Inspection is carried out to target different areas like washrooms, terrace, etc.

A seller has the right to decline specific inspections, though inconvenient for buyers, but gives them the option to ignore the minor problems. The home buyers should be ready to negotiate for things that can compromise the safety of the residents.

Things to do regarding furniture and household appliances

Real estate agents are serious when they talk about negotiations related to furnishings for example lights, washroom interiors, electronic appliances, and even pool maintenance gear.

It is common for sellers to accept such requests as they don’t transport objects they rarely use.

Negotiation on the listed price of properties

This is a basic but the most important negotiation and the experts believe that the home buyers can bring down prices by bringing up certain factors such as condition of the neighborhood, nearby recreational and commercial complexes, similar properties, etc.

Developing Countries That Are On The Come Up

China is a new development model for the world

China’s development requires it to continue its unremitting efforts, but the path it has chosen is right and the successes it has achieved and will continue to achieve will provide our world with a new model of development. China was still a poor and backward country in 1949, China’s tomorrow will be much better. At the beginning of its advent, the new China was then a country at the same time poor and backward, while it became today the third largest economic entities on our planet and it is a miracle that no one can deny.

Some Westerners are worried that China could become a powerful country on a global scale. And that is why it is impossible for scholars of China and the media of some Western countries to consider China’s development justly and objectively. Chinese economic development benefits primarily its people and it is impossible for the spectators to feel this. Economic development is not only reflected in the volume of export trade and GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, but more importantly, it contributes enormously to the improvement of infrastructure, the development of national public education, the raising of the standard of living of the population and the development of the whole of society as a whole. On the other hand, economic growth allows China to increase its aid capacity to some underdeveloped and developing countries.

Vietnam: another success story of the Asian development model Initially, a poor and bloodless country, with development blocked. At the turn of the eighties, Vietnam emerged from three successive wars, first with France, then with the United States, and finally with Cambodia. He is desperately poor in terms of the per capita product, which is of the order of 100 dollars, as infrastructure equipment or access to basic social services (health, education, drinking water). Despite the predominance of agricultural activities, he struggles for some years to ensure his food self-sufficiency. Not that the government did nothing, but because the meager national resources were drained by the war and the current economic model was not very effective.

The change, of course, is formally dated from the 6th Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party with the first economic reforms centered on the decollectivisation of agriculture. Since then, touch after touch and in this cautious and progressive way that characterizes decision-making in Vietnam, market mechanisms are becoming increasingly important in the regulation of economic activities; the private sector, both domestic and foreign, is growing in importance; the country is opening up to trade and foreign capital and is preparing to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Turkey is one of the developing countries. In 2009, it ranked 79th out of 177 countries in terms of the level of development because of the gaps between the eastern and western parts of the country. When visiting Turkey, we can easily observe that the western parts have a much higher level of development In the parts located in central and eastern Turkey, the level of development is much lower than the mentioned rank.

We will examine the advantages of Turkey as a developed country, and what are the advantages of Turkey as a developing country. Traditionally, almost a third of Turkey’s population lives in villages, and they survive on agriculture. Most farmers in Turkey use traditional and old methods and tools, but there are farmers working in modern and modern ways. In Turkey, we can see farmers moving their crops through horse-drawn vehicles, others using a modern tractor.

What are some furniture places that are better quality than IKEA but still affordable?

Obviously IKEA offers us a lot of possibilities and really good furniture to chose, however sometimes we are looking after something else and maybe IKEA will not be offering what we are looking for.

Having a few extra options could be really good, and also sometimes will be even more cheaper to buy in different stores than IKEA. Keep reading to find the closest one to you!

This is perfect place for those who doesn’t really like the minimalistic style that rules over nowadays, in this place you will find discounts over 82%! is amazing, and also even without discount, their furniture is really cheap and still looks amazing, a sofa that was made out of really good quality materials was only $280. Also this store has the option to browse and pick the closest location to your home.

This store has the most affordable prices out there, most of his stuff is really cheap, almost unbelievable, however you need to be a little bit careful with this store, is seems that their prices fluctuate by day, so if you are wanting to buy a really big furniture item that could be “inexpensive”, follow it for a bit and then at the first cheaper price you see, purchase it.

Cost plus world market

In this store some of their selected furniture can be actually a little bit more expensive than in IKEA, however the best about it is sales, you can find really cheap items on their sales and also their costumer service is amazing!


could be obvious, however not a lot of people use Etsy to buy furniture, and actually in this place you can find really crazy deals, and more important, this is THE place to find handcrafted products, and obviously that will include furniture.

This is a place that only rules by discounts, so is you are a little bit low on budget this is for sure the best place to start with, actually this could be the archenemy of amazon, some of their items, that are listed in both sites, are actually cheaper on Overstock, so make sure to investigate before purchasing it.

Urban outfitters

This is a really overpriced store, and I don’t really get why, however their furniture actually is not that bad, and they keep the concept that everybody had gone crazy over the last few years, and don’t even get me started on their sales, you can find really good deals on them.


And we can’t close this list without mentioning the favorite when you are too lazy to go out shopping, amazon is a really good place to look after furniture, you can spend hours and hours navigating till you find the perfect match for you, like tinder without the uncomfortable conversation. And if you are looking to buy several items you can getting a really good deal, some sellers make discounts If you purchase several items form their e commerce.

These stores offer you great deals, and also you can find a lot of them closer to you, even more than an IKEA, and for sure their furniture will be a lot more interesting, sales are amazing and you will have the best item ever! Start looking after the perfect one!

5 Lavish Celebrity Properties You Can Own Right Now

Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyle and it is not surprising that their residences likewise speak volumes about their status. Although it might be challenging to become a renowned Hollywood star, leading a lifestyle similar to them will be quite gratifying. At present, many celebrities are considering selling their real estate properties, and in this article, we will mention the 5 best celebrity homes on the market today.

1. The $9.5 Hollywood Hills Mansion of Katy Perry

This renowned pop singer attempted to sell her Hollywood Hills home worth $15 million recently, although it was not successful. Right now, she has listed another property for sale having a $9.45 million price tag. This property, which is surrounded by green landscapes provides a serene atmosphere with the hectic life of Hollywood in the background. Among the important features of this mansion, the most prominent ones are 6 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. Apart from this, it also includes a spa, a fitness center, as well as more than 2 acres of garden.

2. The $12 million Bel Air estate of Serena Williams

Despite the fact that most individuals like to increase their property, the reputed tennis icon Serena Williams has decided against it. After purchasing a luxurious $6.7 million 5-bedroom mansion in Hollywood, she has listed her old property for sale. This mansion, which features seven toilets and six bedrooms, is situated close to the posh city life. However, it also provides a tranquil atmosphere to anyone residing there, thanks to the 2.7 acres of land surrounding the real estate.

3. The $11 million Emerald Bay beach house of Warren Buffett

Over the years, Warren Buffett is reputed for wisely investing in property. This California beach residence was purchased by him for only $ 1.5 lakh in 1971. However, he is looking to sell it at a price which is almost 70 times more than the original amount. Moreover, the area where the house is located has developed incredibly in the recent years, and many celebrities are residing there at present. Although we know Buffet to be a modest person, this property is quite extravagant. With 7 toilets and 6 bedrooms, this mansion is quite spacious and can accommodate an entire family in the best possible way.

4. The $8.5 million Downtown Los Angeles mansion of Harry Style

This famous Hollywood actor has listed his modern Los Angeles mansion for sale. After some upgrades and renovations, the property’s value climbed significantly and became $8.5 million eventually. You will get a lavish 3-bedroom bachelor pad, fitness center, swimming pool, and a home theatre at that price. However, one downside of this property is that it appears to be a bit compact as compared to the other ones mentioned in this list. Nevertheless, it is different once you enter the mansion. Tall trees surround this property which helps to maintain your privacy. You can likewise experience the amazing lights of Sunset Strip by reaching the towering balconies present in the building.

5. The $6 million Hidden Hills house of Denise Richard

This picturesque real estate property is owned by Denise Richard, the famous Hollywood actress. Being surrounded by trees and lawns, this house is ideal for any person who likes to lead a serene lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. In spite of all these features, the actress has decided to list this property for sale. 8 toilets, 6 bedrooms, a spacious workplace, and a pub are the main highlights of this real estate property which is situated near the residences of other celebrities including Drake and the Kardashians.

The 7 Gardening Tips Before Summer Ends

Summer often comes with challenges when growing your own produce in the garden. However, for some, it may take them sometime before they can know how to maintain their garden well. In many cases, it often turns out that growing vegetable on the backyard of your garden can help you a lot before summer. The following are the top 7 gardening tips that you need to know before summer ends:

1.Get a soil sample if you want to plant in the ground straight

It is impossible for you to start a new garden in your current bed, but its success will always depend on the soil’s quality. Instead of you guessing, you can take a small sample to an extension office or a local lab to determine the characteristics and nutrients of soil before making a decision on whether you need to use it or not.

2.Stay organic

When you are dealing with very small home garden, you need to stay organic since it is healthier. You can learn about organic gardening tips and tricks out there to enable you do it while using them as natural fertilizers. For any sure-fire trick, you can make a sludgy mixture made of natural compost tea as a way of enriching the soil to boost the growth of your plants.

3.Begin with easy growers

As a way of building your confidence when it comes to gardening, you can do some easy-to-grow veggies, such as tomatoes, lettuce, squash and snap peas. Since you do not need much experience, you will enjoy gardening thus enabling you to do others in the future.

4. Trying container gardening

If you wish to start small, you must have a container garden since it is a good option. Majority of vegetable species often flourish in small containers, and it is not hard to start growing your own crop. You will definitely have an easy time when growing and maintaining vegetables in these containers.

5. Building a raised or higher garden bed

Even though it may seem cumbersome, you planting vegetables in raised beds will enable you enjoy many benefits, which gardening straight does not. These may include easier weed and pest control as well as the use of richer and better soil—plus the capability of lengthening your growing time.

6.Watching out for pests

Snails, aphids, ants, slugs —there are many competitors trying to munch your hard-earned lunch out there. Bu using right pesticides, you will learn how to deal with pests thus enabling you enjoy maximum returns whenever they are ready.

7.Using starter plants as opposed to seeds

Seeds are always a great option for any experienced and skilled vegetable gardener. However, if it is your first attempt, you need to start small with plants from your store as opposed to tiny seeds. When you see them grow, you will learn on how to do it thus enabling you to garden during summer. Never do guesswork when planting seedlings.

What Will Homes Look Like In 15 Years?

Homes are very dynamic and styles keep changing with every passing day. What was cool and fashionable a few years ago cannot even be compared to today’s trends in the home space. As people’s needs and environments conditions keep changing, home needs will also change. The size of the house, the interior décor, and exterior décor will all change and in the next 15 years, home spaces will look nothing like what we have known them to be.

People are more cautious of the environment and as such, we will see less and less furniture being installed in home spaces. Organic designs and items will have gained popularity and stores like IKEA are already designing quality silicon products that will replace furniture in houses. Homes will be less congested as most of the items used today will be obsolete. Things like DVD players and radios are already losing their place in modern homes.

With technology, everything is becoming wireless. Homes will be smarter and will be operated remotely as we can already see in smart homes today. Home activities that currently require manual operations will soon be operated remotely. Lamps will be turned on and off remotely, curtains, windows, and doors will all be operated with the touch of a button. The kitchen space will also become minimal with the invention of multifunctional gadgets. One cooking gadget will take over the role of twenty current items and there will be less clutter in the space. Food preparation will be made easier and more environmentally friendly.

House designs will also change in the next 15 years. Those who opt to live in the cities might experience smaller living spaces due to congestion and this will lead to minimalistic living in terms of furniture needed. Spaces will be designed to be multifunctional to solve this problem. For example, a garage will be easily converted to a living room. In future, people may not need that three story house or the three car garage for the sake of space saving. Smaller spaces will lead to the use of bright colors to give the rooms an illusion of a larger space. People will keep experimenting with colors and as such, paint manufacturers will also come up with exciting and innovative products. People who opt to live outside the cities may enjoy the advantage of larger spaces and one can expect to see homes built using environmentally sustainable materials. Most of the materials that will be used in future homes must require minimal maintenance and enhance energy efficiency.

In nutshell, History has a way of repeating itself and with this in mind, one can expect that future homes will have a blend of high technological innovations, combined with historical styles mimicking past eras. There is no doubt that the environmental impact of the homes will be a major consideration for the future home as well as the need for space maximization. Technological advancements mean that future homes will have lower running costs and they will also be less cluttered.

3 Celebrity Homes That Can Inspire Your Next Home

Celebrities are always being watched. Being famous and being idolized by a huge amount of people can be stressful for most people. However, the fame comes with a lot of money, which is obvious. Being a celebrity means that people always have their eyes on you, looking at your lifestyle, the way you dress, who you hang out with, the places you visit, the food you eat and most of all, where you live. This can set really high expectations for anyone. However, with the amount of money most celebrities have, they cannot afford to disappoint their fans and all the onlookers.

Celebrity lives are luxurious. This means that they live in mansions decorated and designed in ways most people cannot afford. So the houses are always available for people to see and get inspiration from. Here are some of the most common, fanciest and most inspirational celebrity homes for you to enjoy and get inspired by.

1. Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion

Hugh Hefner has one of the most luxurious and most amazing and inspirational playboy mansions of all time. The huge mansion, mostly referred to people as a castle, has a 4 bedroom guest house. But see, the 4 bedroom guest house is just a small addition to the amazingly huge 29 bedrooms in the actual mansion. Apart from that, the house is equipped with some of the most amazing and entertaining rooms that will entice you to never leave the home. The home has a tennis court for entertainment and working out when the house becomes too dull, a huge fully equipped catering kitchen and a wine cellar with any kind and any age of wine available. It also happens to have a home theater and a swimming pool. The house was however being sold for an astonishing $100 million which ended up being produced by the new owner of the home. The playboy mansion was purchased by the celebrity’s neighbor.

2. Oprah Winfrey’s mansion in Montecito, California

This mansion is known as “The promised land”. The house, which sits on a huge 42 acres piece of land has some of the most beautiful views any home owner would want for their home. The house is worth a total of $50 million, the amount which Oprah proudly gave to gain this mansion. The house has been located on a very quiet and peaceful land. On sight, there are amazing ocean and mountain views that make the house one of the most relaxing homes of all times. In addition to this, the inside of the house is completely breathtaking. The house has a wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, two home theaters to cater for her entertainment. The house also has 14 bathrooms, six bedroom and a total of 10 fireplaces. In addition to all these, the outdoors have a man-made lake, a tennis court, guest house barn and orchards.

3. Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island Estate.

Tiger woods falls among the top celebrities with the most inspiring island mansions. His home in Jupiter Island is worth a grand total of $49 million which he purchased proudly after his divorce. Being a pro-golfer, his backyard is completely huge to cater for his games any time he feels like playing at his home. His practice are is close to a water body and the grass has been carefully trimmed and mowed. When Tiger purchased the land for construction of his home, there was an already existing house which they brought down to construct his mansion.