What Will Homes Look Like In 15 Years?

Homes are very dynamic and styles keep changing with every passing day. What was cool and fashionable a few years ago cannot even be compared to today’s trends in the home space. As people’s needs and environments conditions keep changing, home needs will also change. The size of the house, the interior décor, and exterior décor will all change and in the next 15 years, home spaces will look nothing like what we have known them to be.

People are more cautious of the environment and as such, we will see less and less furniture being installed in home spaces. Organic designs and items will have gained popularity and stores like IKEA are already designing quality silicon products that will replace furniture in houses. Homes will be less congested as most of the items used today will be obsolete. Things like DVD players and radios are already losing their place in modern homes.

With technology, everything is becoming wireless. Homes will be smarter and will be operated remotely as we can already see in smart homes today. Home activities that currently require manual operations will soon be operated remotely. Lamps will be turned on and off remotely, curtains, windows, and doors will all be operated with the touch of a button. The kitchen space will also become minimal with the invention of multifunctional gadgets. One cooking gadget will take over the role of twenty current items and there will be less clutter in the space. Food preparation will be made easier and more environmentally friendly.

House designs will also change in the next 15 years. Those who opt to live in the cities might experience smaller living spaces due to congestion and this will lead to minimalistic living in terms of furniture needed. Spaces will be designed to be multifunctional to solve this problem. For example, a garage will be easily converted to a living room. In future, people may not need that three story house or the three car garage for the sake of space saving. Smaller spaces will lead to the use of bright colors to give the rooms an illusion of a larger space. People will keep experimenting with colors and as such, paint manufacturers will also come up with exciting and innovative products. People who opt to live outside the cities may enjoy the advantage of larger spaces and one can expect to see homes built using environmentally sustainable materials. Most of the materials that will be used in future homes must require minimal maintenance and enhance energy efficiency.

In nutshell, History has a way of repeating itself and with this in mind, one can expect that future homes will have a blend of high technological innovations, combined with historical styles mimicking past eras. There is no doubt that the environmental impact of the homes will be a major consideration for the future home as well as the need for space maximization. Technological advancements mean that future homes will have lower running costs and they will also be less cluttered.