Mixed Pattern Interior Design Trend

Like the fashion world, the field of interior design is never static. New home interior decor trends keep emerging and likewise, old trends also resurface. These trends can usually be seen in architectural shows and magazines among other home improvement avenues.

The year 2017 too has not been left behind. It dawned and brought along with it a fresh set of interior design ideas. These range from interior finishes to interior furnishings among others. An ideal example of interior design trends which are in vogue in 2017 is mixed patterns.

The mixed pattern look

A few years ago, few could imagine or even think of going for a mixed pattern decor style. Most people would only stick to matching decor styles or even go for monochromatic sort of looks. This however is no longer the case, the mixed pattern look has made a grand entry in 2017. It is now one of the decor ideas that top many a designer’s list.

The mixed pattern look is being adopted for virtually all sections of the home. It is being seen in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even patios.

Mixed pattern decor tips

It’s important to approach mixed pattern decoration with a bit of caution. This is especially true if you’re doing it for the first time. A mixed pattern look can appear disastrous if not gotten right. Here are five tips to help you achieve an elegant mixed pattern look:

1. Stick to the same range of colors

When mixing patterns, it is advisable to go for colors which near each other in hue. A similar range of colors creates a neat look and an ambience of order. If for instant you have a pink colored patterned decor piece, you can mix it with fuchsia colored or lavender colored pieces. This would create a wonderful complementary effect and welcome feel of balance.

2. Minimize the number of mix patterned decor pieces

You should go easy on the mixed pattern items or finishes you introduce in a room. Don’t have several different patterns in a room as this will make it look busy. It advisable to go for four or five patterns on the maximum.

3. Go for different shapes and sizes

For a perfect result, you should go for different shaped patterns. Different shapes create a desirable kind of contrast and make your room look more appealing. You can for example mix florals with polka dots or checked patterns for a striking effect. In addition to having differently shaped patterns, it’s also important to have varying sizes of patterns. You should ideally pair large sized patterns with smaller sized ones for a great outcome.

4. Distribute patterns evenly

You should take care to ensure that your mix patterned decor pieces are evenly distributed. There should be some considerable distant from one uniquely patterned decor piece to another. Mix patterned decor pieces look busy and appealing when they are clustered together. You should therefore try to separate your patterns. You can for example employ the use of plain decor pieces to separate patterned pieces.

5. Choose bright and warm colors

The mixed pattern decor idea works best with bright and warm colors. These include colors such as light blue, light green, lime green, red, orange, yellow, peach, lilac, and purple among others. These colors look even greater when mixed with white or a small bit of dark colors.

A fresh style

The mixed pattern style is indeed a fresh style which will make your home look elegant. Additionally, it will also liven up your room by introducing a feel of energy. It is certainly one of the trends you should consider trying in 2017.