Different Types of Dog Terrier breeds

If you like dogs, and most especially you like small energetic dogs, you may find that a terrier is among the best you can get. They can be “best buddies” with you, and they need very little grooming but have “sense of humor” besides.

Terriers were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, but their pet status is unsurpassed because they are so lovable and have several desirable features when it comes to finding a dog you like. They are intelligent (although they may not be the most intelligent of the breeds), and have several other advantages other breeds may not.

Here are some common and desirable terrier breeds:

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very alert and spirited, but not timid. They have steady dispositions and confident heirs, which means that you can count on them in stressful situations. Because they are very intelligent, there are also particularly suitable for obedience training.

The Parson Russell Terrier is bold, clever, affectionate and exuberant. If you are high-energy and like to play a lot, this may be the dog for you, but if you may not have patience for a particularly spirited dog, you may want to find another type. Of all the breeds, this dog is likely going to need formal obedience training the most, because it will be too playful and too mischievous with its owners to really pay attention. However, if you’re patient and you like playfulness and a streak of independence, this terrier may be for you.

The Norwich terrier came about because small terrier breeds were bred with even smaller chair breeds like Yorkshire terriers. This type of dog is very content to live modestly and doesn’t need a lot of room. Their dispositions are affectionate, fearless, and alert. Because they’re happy and steadfast, this makes them ideal pets.

Norfolk Terriers are a lot like the Norwich Terriers, and are fearless, charming, ready to play, and spirited. They look a lot like Norwich Terriers, but they have folds in their ears that set them apart.

Kerry Blue Terriers make excellent watchdogs and are very suitable for the farm environment. The dog’s name comes from its “blue” coat, originally black in puppy hood.

Wire Fox Terriers are very powerful and fast. They’re very alert and have quick movements, which makes them suitable for very active lifestyles. It’s imperative, though, that the owner take control of the dog and train it. It also needs to get plenty of exercise.

Smooth Fox Terriers are lively dogs that like to play, and they are very intelligent and clever. Suitable for both the country and city, they take to training well. They are also usually very affectionate with their owners.

These are just a few of the terrier types available; you may want to consider one as your next pet. Generally, these dogs have good dispositions and make excellent pets. They tend to become very attached to their owners, and can be very playful. It should be noted, though, you need to give them enough attention and to put them through obedience training (formal if necessary), as well as give them enough physical activity to keep them well and active.