5 Cool New Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog

A dog is man’s best friend. You will find one in almost all homesteads. It acts as a companion, security, and play partner among others. It is, therefore, essential to involve your dog in all activities as much as you can.You can do this by playing with him and teaching him new cool tricks.

Teaching pet tricks can be one of the sources of joys and pleasure in your life. Seeing your pet grow confident each day, happy and contended with the attention he gets from your merits more love and stronger and genuine bond.

What tricks are fun and easy for your dog and how do you teach them?

1. Shake- This method is similar to a handshake we individuals do to welcome or to thank someone. It’s cool when your dog learns this skill, and it’s simple. Lift your dogs’ paw and say, “SHAKE” loudly then give your treat and say “SHAKE” once more. Continue raising your dog’s paw and give it treats until it’s able to do it on its own.

2. Bow-With this command, your dog will bring his head to the floor. To teach this treat, you only hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose and let your dog follow as you bring it downward. Say “BOW” slowly as he nods his head. After a while, your dog will learn how to do it.

3. Kiss-Dogs don’t kiss, they lick. So the trick is to say “KISS ME” anytime your dog licks you. Soon, your dog will “kiss” you anytime you give him this command. It is the best way to appreciate it whenever it behaves in the right manner.

4. Catch- Some dogs naturally know how to find food before it hit the ground. So, when you toss a treat up into the air, say “CATCH” and your dog will recognize the command the next time you order it.
5. Fetch- It’s another treat that comes out naturally for most active dogs. You throw a ball and say “FETCH.” Run with your dog and as soon as your dog retrieves the object take the object from him and give him a treat. Do this continuously until your dog automatically run and give you the object to exchange it for his reward.

Teaching tricks are having fun and at the same time giving your dog new knowledge to cope up in human society- a society considerably different from his. It is also wise to consider all the risk factors that could be associated with the process of learning. A dog owner should do research to identify his type of dog. Different dogs have unique capabilities and through the identification of which category your dog lies is paramount.

You should also use the right methods of teaching the dog for it to learn quickly and fast. Do this with positive reinforcement and achieve it without any negative force or intimidation. Remember, to give your dog a handful of treats, not a mind full of threats. The above information is all a dog owner requires in ordering to enjoy his pet to the utmost.